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  1. Another Cinderella Story!

    November 29, 2012 by marymb4

    Chapter 1 Introductions

    My name is Cinderella but you could call me Cindy. I live in a mansion with my evil step mother Tiffany and evil step sisters Jess and Melody.

    They drive me “INSANE”. They are lazy I mean we have maids and servants, why can’t Tiffany,Jess and Melody make them do there nasty chores instead of me. They always shout and scream. “Cindy where’s this,where’s that,clean this,clean that!”

    Ahhhhh I am tired of hearing the same words over and over again,everyday.


    Chapter 2 Need To Study

    “Cindy,Cindy,Cindy,CINDERELLA!” Yelled Jess angrily.

    “What!” I yelled back.

    I am here down stairs studying for a big exam next week and Jess kept disturbing me. I really wish that daddy didn’t marry her mum and that he didn’t die so that I won’t be in a situation like this.

    “What did you say to me?” Jess asked as she walked down stairs and into the living room were I was studying.

    “I said what” I said to her nicely.

    “No you didn’t. Well yes you did but in an angry voice!” She answered back.

    “Who wouldn’t be angry when you constantly shouting asking me to make this and that!” I said.

    “Whatever. Next time you better not answer me in a tone like that young lady!” She said furiously.

    “I’m 5 months older than you.” I said to her which I regret doing because she is getting even more furious.

    “What?” She questioned.

    “Nothing!” I said and quickly gather all my stuff so that I can study in my room peacefully.


    Chapter 3 Distracted

    “Are you ready for the big exam next week Cindy?” Asked Kylie.

    Kylie is my best friend. She has blue eyes that sparkle every time she see’s a cute guy. Her fashion sense is amazing. Me and her have the same personality. She is always the one who makes me smile every time I am felling sad.

    “No!” I answered her.

    Last night when I moved up to my room to study I heard Tiffany’s car parking in the garage. Then I heard her going to my room.

    “Cindy can you please put all of my new clothes that I had just bought to my room and hang them up immediately. Everything is in the car!” said Tiffany who was standing in front of me.

    I got up with no hesitation and not saying a word because if I do then it will become into an argument and somehow Tiffany will win.

    Once I got to the garage I open the boot of the car and found heaps of shopping bags. She always go shopping for new things that she doesn’t need. Tiffany doesn’t even work, she just spends all of my parents money.

    My mum and dad is a music producer, they are America’s 2nd richest people. Before my parents died they signed a paper that states if they die they will give all of there money to there first child, which is me. So basically the money that Tiffany is using is my money. But she thinks that all my parents money and the house is also here because my dad married her.

    I am not really sure if Tiffany owns the Mansion but I think she does. The only thing that is mine is the money.

    Chapter 4 Fired?!?

    As I entered the house I saw Rita with her bags going to the back door. It looks as if she is leaving.

    “Rita. Wait! Were are you going?” I said as I walk over to her.

    “Cindy it’s a good thing that you are here or else I can’t say goodbye to you any more!” She said.

    “Goodbye what do you mean goodbye?” I asked her.

    “I have been fired and Tiffany said  to leave as soon as I am done packing.” She answered.

    “Why did you  get fired?” I asked completely shock.

    “Because she said that she doesn’t need us any more.” She said.

    “US?” I asked.

    “Yeah she fired everyone! You know what I better go before Tiffany sees me. I’ll miss so much kiddo. Goodbye!” Said Rita and then she kissed me on my forehead and then left. I was so shock.

    Rita Has been working for us ever since I can remember. She is the one who cleans the house and she always cook for us . Rita is like family to me. When my mum died I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I would talk to my dad but I wanted to talk to a girl so I went up to Rita and told her everything and all of my secrets. She is like my second mum and now she is gone. She was all I have.


    Chapter 5  Big Surprise

    Once Tiffany was back from shopping I went up to her to talk all about Rita.

    “Hi Tiffany!” I said to her.

    “What do you want ? Where is Jess and Melody?” She asked.

    “Jess and Melody went to the movies with their friends! Any ways I just wanna talk to you about Rita and all our servants!” I said to her.

    “Yeah what about them?” She asks.

    “Why did you fire them?” I question.

    “Because I don’t need them any more ” She said then she took of her shoes and walk over to the living room and turned on the T.V.

    “Look Tiffany we had to get Rita back. Who is gonna clean the house and cook for us?” I said with anger.

    “Cindy,Cindy,Cindy! YOU are gonna clean the house and cook for us!” She stated.

    “ME?’ I said shockingly.

    “Yes you! Now go and clean the bathroom and cook our dinner. Make sure it’s good because we have guess coming tonight and I need to impress him so that he can invite me to his party!” She snap.

    “Sure Tiffany” I answered.

    I hate my life. I can’t believe that Tiffany is making me her personal maid. Now I am here cleaning the bathroom for that evil witch.

    After I finish cleaning the bathroom it was about 5:30. I walk over to the kitchen to get something to eat.

    “Cinderella! Where are you?” Yelled Tiffany.

    “In the kitchen” I yelled back.

    “Are you finish cleaning the bathroom?” She asks.

    “Yes.” I answered her.

    “Well don’t just stand there and eat that biscuit. Hurry up and cook dinner.” Says Tiffany and went up the stairs to her bedroom.

    “Whatever you say, Tiffany” I said to her.

    Luckily for Tiffany I am a really good cook. Rita use to teach me how to cook.

    “I can’t here you cooking” Yelled Tiffany.

    After I finish eating my biscuit I got all of the ingredients I need to make steak and mash potatoes. I choose to make steak and mash potatoes because I am really good at it and for dessert I choose to make chocolate cake with a very delicious chocolate icing.


    Chapter 6 Cooking Dinner

    “Wow! That’s smell is amazing! What are you cooking Cindy?” Asked Melody.

    “Oh Hi Melody! I’m cooking steak and potatoes for dinner. Did you enjoy going to the movies?” I asked her.

    “Yeah I had fun. Hey do you want any help? I can help if you want.” Asked Melody.

    “Yes please Melody! Can you just please mix the chocolate mixture over there.” I said pointing to where the chocolate mixture was.

    “Okay Dokey.” Melody answered and walked over to mix it.

    Melody is really not that mean in fact she is very kind, helpful and friendly not like her sister Jess who is the total opposite. Jess is so mean, bossy and unfriendly. She only likes people if they are rich or famous, exactly like her mum, Tiffany.


    Chapter 7 Mr. Starr

    Melody really wants to help me cook, so she end up baking the chocolate cake and mashing the mash potatoes. After everything was cook I ask Tiffany if I should set the table and she looked  at her watch and said “Well it’s 6:45 and our guess is going to  arrive at about 7:00 so YES set the table and make sure it looks pretty.”

    So I went to the kitchen and got all the 5 plates,5 forks and 5 knifes.

    “Melody. Who is the person that is coming here?” I ask her as I put the plates on the dinning table.

    “Philip Starr.” She said.

    My eyes widened as she said Philip Starr. I can’t believe that Philip Starr (a.k.a Dylan Starr’s father) is coming to eat dinner in our house. If you don’t know who Philip Starr is well let me tell you . Philip Starr is the father of Dylan Starr who is a very famous signer. Dylan Starr is the 3rd richest man in America even though he is only 18. Its probably the fact that he is the most cutest guy ever with his dashing smile, adorable eyes and his angelic voice.

    Every girl loves him (including me and I really want to meet him).

    “Why is Dylan Starr’s father going here?” I ask Melody.

    “Well there is going to be a ball that they are celebrating for Dylan’s 19th birthday and Jess really wants to go but you have to get an invitation but we didn’t get one so mum is inviting Philip so that she can impress him and hopefully he gives us an invitation.” Answered Melody.

    If we get an invitation I might see THE Dylan Starr. Hopefully Philip Starr will give us an invitation *Crosses Fingers* 


    Chapter 8 Will We Get Invited?!?!?

    After I put all off the food on the dinning table. I heard the door bell.

    “His here!” Says Tiffany with the most cheerfullest voice I have ever heard.

    But before she opens the door she looked at me disgustingly.

    “Cindy you look so dirty. Go over to your room and change into something that looks pretty.” Tiffany said.

    I hurried over to my room and change into a purple off shoulder T-shirt and a white skinny jeans with black pair of flat shoes.

    When I finish dressing up I walk down the stairs and into the dinning room. When I got there they were already eating so I went  to were I usually sit. The person who was opposite of me I notice was  Philip Starr.

    ‘Hi” Philip Starr said kindly  to me as I sat down.

    I was so nervous but I said hi back and made Tiffany do all the talking. When we finish eating Tiffany asks us to go to our room so that she can talk To Mr Starr in private. The three of us nod and did as what Tiffany told us.

    When I got to my bedroom I decided to study. It was probably about 30 mins when I heard Tiffany shouted our names so we went down stairs as fast as we can.

    “What is it?’ Jess asks.

    “Look what I got!” Tiffany said cheerfully and raising her hand with an envelope.

    “AAAHHHH. Is that what I think it is?” Asks Jess.

    Tiffany nods.

    “Open it!” Says Melody excitedly.

    “Okay!” Says Tiffany.

    Tiffany opens the envelope carefully like it was the most precious thing ever. Once she finish opening it she read the invitation:

    You are invited to Dylan Starr’s 19th Masquerade

       Party. This is a very special and formal event.

       Girls must wear a ball gown with a mask.

        Boys must wear a nice suit with a mask.

        The party is at 14 avenue Castle and it 

         is on Saturday and starts at 7:30 pm.

         See you there.”

    ” Well girls we have one day to prep our selves up!” Says Tiffany.


    Chapter 9

    The next day I told Kylie that I was invited to Dylan Starr’s Masquerade Party and she screamed so loud that everyone looked at us weirdly .

    “So do you have the dress that you are going to wear to the masquerade party?” asks Kylie.

    “No not yet. I was thinking if you could go dress shopping with me today!” I said to her.

    “Yes of course” She answers.

    “Okay meet me at the mall.” I said to her.

    “What time?” She asks.

    “Four Thirty” I informed her.

    “I will be there.” She said.


    Chapter 10 The Note.

    When I got home I saw a note on my bedroom door that said “Cindy, I’m picking up Jess and Melody from school and we are to the mall cause we need to find some dresses to wear tomorrow. Tiffany”

    She always picks up Jess and Melody from school and well for me I take the bus, I always ask Tiffany if she could pick me up and after all me, Jess and Melody do go in the same school but then she will always say that there is no seat left. Tiffany’s car is a an 8 seater how can she say that there is no seat left?

    Anyway I took the note from the door and throw it in the bin. Then I  changed quickly into a sweater that has a big heart in the middle and a floral jeans with a pair of  pink heels so that I can go to the mall and go dress shopping with Kylie .


    Chapter 11 Dress Shopping.

    Kylie and I probably went in 10 stores to find the perfect dress for me to wear. Every time Kylie ask me for my opinion of a dress that she she chooses I always decline it.

    “You know what let’s to go that store” said Kylie pointing to the store across from the shop that we were in.

    “Okay” I said.

    When I got there I saw the most beautiful dress. It is a big puffy lilac dress. It was a strapless dress. At the top part of the dress it was covered with diamonds and the bottom part has handmade flowers sewed into it.

    I went over where the gown was hanged.

    “Kylie come here!Look at this,this is perfect.” I said.

    “I love this. Go and try it on.” She said excitedly so I did.

    When I got to the changing room I carefully put on the big dress. After I finish putting it on I looked in the mirror to see if it looks okay and then I opened the door so that Kylie can give me her opinion.

    “What do you think? Do I look okay?” I asks her.

    “You look amazing. The colour suits you very good. I love it. I bet that when Dylan Starr sees you in this he well droll all over you!” Says Kylie with excitement.

    “You really think so?” I asks her not really convince.

    “Yes! Have I ever lied to you? Now go and buy this dress.” She said.

    “Well yeah that’s true you never lied to me. Okay fine I’ll buy.” I said.

    After I change back into my sweater and my jeans I went over to the cashier and purchased the dress.

    “Now all you need is a mask” Says Kylie.

    “Are you looking for a mask?” Asks the girl behind the counter.

    “Yes we are” Answers Kylie.

    “Well we have some masks right here. There at the back. You want to see them?” She asks.

    “Yes please” I answer the girl.

    1 minute later the girl came back with a whole lot of selection of mask.

    “I suggest this one” The girl said pointing to a beautiful lilac coloured mask.

    “It will go perfectly with your dress” She added.

    “Okay we’ll take it.” I said with a smile.


    Chapter 12 What?!?!?!?

    Today is the day that I will finally meet Dylan Starr. It is about 5:30 nearly time for the party.

    Jess, Melody and Tiffany already finish doing there make up and now they were doing there hair.

    I went over to Tiffany’s bedroom to ask if I could use her make up. Jess and Melody were there all ready and so is Tiffany. Wow this guys work fast I though they are still doing there hair, I thought to myself.

    “Why do you want to borrow my make up?” asks Tiffany.

    “I need to put some for the masquerade.” I said to her.

    Jess and Tiffany laughs.

    “Oh how cute. You think that you are going to the masquerade!” She said.

    “What do you mean?” I asks her.

    “Cindy, you are going to stay here to clean this house. Now there are a lot of laundries to clean so why don’t you go and clean them. We will be back at midnight. I expect you here when we come back.” She said.

    “Now let’s go girls! We don’t want to be late to the masquerade.” Tiffany said.

    Then she went down the stairs and into the garage to her car with Jess and Melody right behind her. When they were all buckled up Tiffany starts the car and left.


    Chapter 13 Help.

    “Kylie I can’t go to the masquerade and now I can’t meet Dylan Starr.” I cried to Kylie over the phone.

    “It;s okay. Stop crying Cindy. You are going to that masquerade whether Tiffany likes it or not.” She said.

    “I’ll be right there helping you with hair and make up.” Before I could say anything she already hanged up.

    Minutes later Kylie came with her huge make up bag and all the tools for your hair.

    First Kylie said to put my dress on and my shoes. For my shoes I decided to wear a glass slipper because it matches perfectly. Then Kylie curled my hair. After she finish curling my hair then she applied make up on my face.

    It was already 7 by the time we we’re finish.

    “Wow you look so beautiful Cindy” Says Kylie.

    “But one question how are you going to get there?” She asks.

    “I have no idea” I said with a sad expression.

    “I got it” says Kylie.

    It took us 30 minutes to think of a way for me to get to the party.

    “Come on Kevin pick up” Says Kylie.

    Kevin is Kylie’s brother who is going to take me to the party if he ever picks up his phone and says yes.

    “Well you do it?” asks Kylie.

    “Yes !Thank you. Now hurry up and go here at Cindy’s house”

    Once Kevin arrived we immediately go to where the party is.

    “Kevin make sure to be here to pick me up” I said to Kevin.

    “I will” says Kevin.

    “Make sure to be here at 11:30” I inform him.

    “Okay. Now stop talking and go to the party we are already here.” Says Kevin.


    Chapter 14 The Masquerade

    I climbed the stairs to the mansion. As the door man opens the door I put on my mask. When I enter the mansion all I see was women in beautiful dresses and men in suits all wearing their masks.

    I can hear hip hop music. Then it changes into a slow song. Everyone looked for a partner. I didn’t know what to do until someone tap me on the shoulder and said “May I have this dance?”

    “Umm.. Yeah sure okay!” I answered.

    When the song was over everyone stops dancing. Then another song was on, it wasn’t slow song.

    “Hi my name is Dylan Starr!” Shouted the man who danced with me.

    “What?” I didn’t hear anything because the of the loud music.

    I looked at the guy, he signals me to go outside so I followed him. We were at the front of the mansion. There was a bench so we sit down  there. Once we sit down he said “My name is Dylan Starr.”

    My eyes widened at what he just said. I couldn’t believer it. I don’t think so, until he took his mask off.

    I can see his adorable blue eyes stare at mine through my mask. I didn’t really take my mask off because I was worried if Tiffany or Jess can see me.

    “What’s your name?” He asks me.

    Ding, Ding ,Ding.

    “What’s that?” I asks Dylan.

    “Ohh that, that’s just the clock it means that it’s already 12:00” Dylan answers.

    “WHAT?!? Its already 12:00 o’clock. I am so sorry but I have to go.” I said to Dylan and ran down the stairs as fast as I can wishing that I won’t trip over.

    “No! Wait I don’t even know your name!” Yelled Dylan.

    As I finally got down the stairs I ran over to Kevin’s car as fast as I can and went inside.

    “Hurry up Kevin let’s go.” I said to him.

    “Okay,Okay” Says Kevin starting the car and driving back to my house.

    “Why were you late! We have been waiting” Says Kylie which shocks me because I didn’t see that she was in the car with us, probably because I was worrying to much of how Tiffany will react if I wasn’t at home and who knows what horrible stuff she is going to make me do.

    “I’m so sorry I got caught up by the moment.” I answered her.

    “Ahhhh looks like someone has meet Dylan Starr.” Says Kylie with excitement.

    “Okay tell me everything starting with fact that you have only one shoe on.” Says Kylie.

    “What are you talking about I still hav-” As I look down my other glass slipper was gone. Probably it slipped when I was half walking  half running down the stairs.


    Chapter 15 Telling Kylie.

    Luckily for me when I got back home last night Tiffany, Jess and Melody wasn’t there yet. I quickly change into my Pyjamas and remove all my make up on my face.


    “Hello” I said.

    “HI Cindy it’s me Kylie. You forgot to tell me something!” Says Kylie.

    “What did I forget?” I ask.

    “You know you and Dylan.” She says.

    I told her all about what happened with Dylan and I. How we talked and danced all night. When I got to the part when Dylan asks for my name she got really angry for not telling him my name and not showing him my face.


    Chapter 16 My Prince.

    Today is Monday also known as Big Exam Day. I got up really early so that I will be the first one to take a bath.

    When I finish taking a bath Jess was next. I feel very sorry for Melody because Jess takes forever but I wouldn’t judge because I take forever to choose an outfit that I’m going to wear.

    When I finish putting on my clothes and brushing my hair I went down stairs to make my breakfast. As I walk down the stairs I heard a lot of voices in the living room, so I investigate. When I walked in the living room I couldn’t believe  my eyes it was Dylan Starr holding my glass slipper.

    “Tiffany what is Dylan Starr doing here?” I ask.

    “Cindy. Dylan is here to find the girl who wore this lovely slipper to his masquerade yesterday and if the slipper fits he will ask the girl out on a date. Jess and Melody is going to try it on to see of it fits one of them. Jess why don’t you go and try it on first.” Says Tiffany.

    Jess sat down and Dylan tried to fit the slipper on her but it was to small for her then Dylan tried it on Melody it was to big on her.

    “Why don’t you try it umm.. Cindy?’ Asks Dylan.

    “Me ummm o-o-okkay” I said.

    When I sat down Dylan tried the slipper on me it was a perfect fit.

    “This can’t be. Cindy wasn’t even in the party.” Says Tiffany.

    “But it’s a perfect fit.” Says Dylan.

    “Cindy did you go to the masquerade? Please tell the truth.” Says Dylan.

    “Yes. I did.” I admitted .

    “Yes. I found my girl. Cindy do you wanna go out with me?” asks Dylan.

    But before I can say anything interrupted me by saying “No she is not go out with you and I forbid her.”

    “What.” I said.

    “That’s right you live here in my mansion, so you do as I say.” stated Tiffany.

    “But mum this is actually not your mansion.” Melody said.

    “What did you say Melody?” I ask her.

    “Just shut up Melody.” says Jess

    “No let Melody talk.” I said.

    “Well this is actually your house Cindy. I know that because awhile ago Jess, Mum and I went to the house of laws and ask who owns the mansion and it said that it belongs to you. Mum tried to change it but they need to have your dad’s signature.” Explained Melody.

    “This mansion is mine. This means that you can’t boss me around any more.” I said directly to Tiffany and Jess.

    “Cindy we are very sorry to what we have done to you.” Apologised Tiffany.

    “Yeah me too I’m sorry” Says Jess.

    “We promise that we will treat you just like family. If you let us stay.” Says Tiffany.

    “Promise?’ I ask.

    “Promise.” The two of them said in a unison.


    Chapter 17  Happily Ever After.

    I don’t hate my life any more in fact I love my life. I have a family that is now completely change.

    Jess is not mean any more or bossy. Tiffany completely change as well, she now treats me like I’m family.

    Remember when I told you that she never picks me up from school? Well now she does. To top that all of Dylan Starr is my boyfriend how awesome is that?

    In ten years time hopefully Dylan and I will get married and will live happily ever after. Just like Cinderella and the Prince.















  2. Learning,Camps,Activities And Much Much More

    September 26, 2012 by marymb4

    This term I have to say is the best term for me. I know I shouldn’t say that because we still have one more term left but still I think that term 3 is the best.

    This are the things that we had done over the term.

    Going to Mt. Ruapehu and snowboard, which I think was really AWESOME and  I got the chance  to do something that I didn’t do before.

    Netball season was the bomb. Although we only won one game I still had fun and at the end I got most valuable player which I was proud of.

    After netball season we had winter tournament and I obviously choose netball.I can’t remember how many games we won and lost but I do remember that we came 6th for over all which I was glad. 

    For the first time I joined artsplash. Artsplash is allowed to years 4 and 8’s. You have to learn serten songs and then at the end you get to perform with other schools at Michael Fowler Centre.

    Okay enough with camps and activities it’s time for what I have learned.

    This term in maths I have learned how to convert a mixed fraction to a fraction and also I have learned the place value of each number. I learned how to order decimals smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest.

    In R.E I learned that there are two meanings of do this in memory of me. The first one is to share in the celebration of the Eucharist. The second one is to live with the kind of love that Jesus lived his life with.

    In French I learned how to say how much is …..? I also learned the French names for drinks and foods. We learned about the places in France and  I can count to french up to 30 and I am trying to get up to one hundred.

    Although I said that this term is the best, I am still looking forward for next term. I am looking forward for basketball and Kapa-Haka and all the challenges that there is for term 4.



  3. Reflection For The Science Road Show

    September 21, 2012 by marymb4

    On the 18th of September rooms 3 and 9 went to Raumati Beach School to look at the science road show.

    I really enjoyed watching the second show which was all about Physical changes and chemical changes. The experiment that I enjoyed watching was when the instructor put a piece of parsley in a liquid nitrogen and then he waited for about 5 seconds then he took it out and it looked all frozen and then he crushed it in millions of pieces I though that was really cool.

    My favourite exhibit is the one were we had to put the work cycle of a farm in order and the other one that I enjoyed was when I had to figure out what carer I’m going to have.

    I really enjoyed every bit of the science road show and I hope that I can see it again because I love to do sciency stuff.

  4. Ski Camp!

    August 15, 2012 by marymb4

    AAAHHHHHH Next week is ski camp!!!!!! I can’t believe we are going!

    This year the year 7 and 8’s are going to ski camp to Mt. Ruapehu. I am so excited. People can choose between skiing or snow boarding. I am doing SNOWBOARDING. This is my first time doing snow boarding. I have been to Mt Ruapehu but we didn’t get to do skiing or snow boarding because we didn’t have the right gear so we did sledding instead. I never snow board before so I am little bit scared because alot of people are saying that there friends or one of there family got injured because of snow boarding but I am really excited too.


  5. That Artist Women!

    August 15, 2012 by marymb4

    That Artist Women is a cool blog to visit. If you are the kind of person who enjoy doing arts and crafts then this is the perfect website for you even if you are bored and don’t know what to do just go and visit That Artist Women and maybe there is something that you like and would love to do.

    That Artist Women has alot of things you can do and it is really easy too. It gives all the instruction and all the things you need.

    Over the past few weeks me and my classmates have been making some art for our calendars.

    The First art we made was called Night and Day City Skylines.
    The Second we made was called Guitar Collage.

    I really had alot of fun making the Night and Day City Skylines and the Guitar Collage. For the Guitar Collage you don’t need to make a guitar you can do a ukulele or a violin it is up to you.

    Make sure next time your on the net visit That Artist Women and you won’t be disappointed.




  6. Maths Week!

    August 12, 2012 by marymb4

    This week is Maths week. If you don’t know what maths week is although the name pretty much gave it away. Maths week is something you do on the computer and the website Maths Week let’s you play everything maths. You can also play with your friends and your family. Maths week is really fun. You can earn money on your account if you succeed on a maths game then you can go to auctions and buy some stuff and when you get it you can actually have it in real life!

  7. The Swimming (My Haiku Poem)

    August 12, 2012 by marymb4

    Swimming really fast
    To achieve the gold medal
    The crowd went crazy.

  8. The Basketball Game (My Onomatopoeia Poem)

    August 12, 2012 by marymb4

    Boing!  Boing!  Boing!
    The Ball Bounces up and down
    Whish! Whish! Whish!
    As he passes the ball to his team mate
    Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!
    Running across the court.
    The ball went through the hoop.
    Clap! Clap! Whooh! Whooh!
    The audience stand with amusement.
    The guy bounced the ball and passed it to his team mate.
    Swhissh! Plonk!  Swissh! Plonk!
    He bounced the ball and tried to shoot.
    But he misses and the audience was sad.
    OOOHH! OOHH! oohh!

  9. Reflection for Last Week With Mrs M.

    August 6, 2012 by marymb4

    Last week Mrs M taught us two poems that we had to do.

    The First one she taught us was an onomatopoeia poem. If you don’t know what an onomatopoeia poem is will let me explain. It is a poem that describes a sound of something. For example buzz buzz is a sound describing a bee. Since it is the Olympics our onomatopoeia poem has to be a sport that is in the Olympics. For mine I choose Basketball. If I have time I will post my onomatopoeia poem on my blog. I almost forgot an onomatopoeia doesn’t need to rhyme.


    The other poem that Mrs. M taught us was a Haiku poem. A Haiku poem is a Japanese poem. It doesn’t have to rhyme. A Haiku poem is not that long. The first line has to have 5 syllables in it and then the next line has to have 7 syllables and then the last line has to have 5 syllables. If you don’t know what a syllable is will let me tell you. A syllable is a word or a part of a word that has one sound when you say it, “Swimming” has 2 syllables. If you want to know how many syllables in a word just say the word while counting or clap your hands. Anyway back to the Haiku poem. Some Haiku poem doesn’t really make sense and people who writes a Haiku poem they write about nature or animals. Since it is the Olympics we have to choose a sport just like the onomatopoeia poem except we have to right it like a Haiku poem.

  10. This Week’s Reflection!

    May 31, 2012 by marymb4

    This week in Maths I have learned how to turn a mixed fraction into an improper fraction for example like this : 3 and 1/5 turned in to a improper fraction which is 16/5 and if you don’t know how to do this well let me explain

    Oki so lets take 3 and 1/5 for exmpale. To find out what is the improper fraction of 3 and 1/5 you have to multiply 3 and 5 which equals 15 and then add 1 from the 1/5 which makes it 16 so the answer is 16/5.


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